Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Program Scholarship

The Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Program Act (the Act) (FS 1004.6495) established the Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Program Scholarship for eligible students to attend approved Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Programs (FPCTPs.). The Act also created the Florida Center for Students with Unique Abilities at the University of Central Florida (the Center) and charged the Center with managing the Scholarship awards and accountability requirements associated with the awards. Annual scholarships between $7,000 and $15,000 are currently available.

The following stipulations are established regarding Scholarship requests, awards, accounting, and reporting. By requesting Scholarship funds, eligible institutions provide assurance that they will comply with the stipulations outlined here and in accompanying documents.

Students Eligibility

Scholarships are available only to eligible students, defined as a student with an intellectual disability, who has provided required documentation regarding his or her intellectual disability; who physically attends the eligible institution; and is enrolled in the FPCTP. Eligible students are those not receiving services through the Florida Education Finance Program or a scholarship under The Family Empowerment Scholarship Program (FS 1002.394).

To maintain scholarship eligibility, a student must continue to meet the requirements outlined in item 1 and demonstrate satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in the FPCTP. SAP is defined by the eligible institution, based on the indicators defined by the Center. The eligible institution is responsible for determining the student's initial and continuing eligibility to receive a FPCTP Scholarship; and for defining, in keeping with the Center's guidelines and requirements, satisfactory academic progress for its FPCTP students.

Submission Process

Cost estimators and scholarship requests are due by July 1st and are submitted through the FCSUA Community. Approved programs will receive automatic email reminders a month before the deadline.

Cost Estimators: Will be submitted every year and outline the estimated cost of attending the FPCTP. These are divided into three semesters: Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Scholarship Requests: Will be completed every year for eligible students enrolled in the FPCTP.

To learn how to submit scholarship cost estimators and requests follow the steps in our Scholarships webinar on YouTube.

What will scholarships cover?

Can cover

  • Tution
  • Books
  • Meals (or meal plans)
  • Transportation
  • Program fees
  • Graduation regalia
  • Other appropriate costs associated with student's education

Can't cover

  • Tutoring
  • Personnel expenses
  • Personal expenses
  • Exclusive events (i.e. field trips only involve FPCTP students)

After all expenses are cover, the remaining funds are disbursed to the student.


The eligible institution will comply with the request process and reporting requirements specified by the Center and outlined in the accompanying document Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Program Scholarship Disbursement Process, including submission of end-of-term and annual scholarship disbursement reports, cost of attendance estimates, and student demographic and eligibility information requested by the Center.

The end of term disbursement reports are due at specific dates during the terms. Approved programs will receive automatic email reminders a month before the deadline. However, the disbursement report can be completed any time before the due date as soon as the amount disbursed to the student is known.

  • Fall: December 1st
  • Spring: March 31st
  • Summer: June 30th

Non-disbursed Funds

By June 30, approved programs will return to the Center any undisbursed Scholarship funds for the most recent academic year after completing all disbursements. The FPCTPs needing to return fund will receive an automatic email reminder including the amount to return. Additionally, this amount can be found in the Scholarship Summary located in any Cost Estimator corresponding to the most recent academic year. Funds may be returned to FCSUA for the following reasons:

  • Student did not make SAP and was withdrawn from the IHE.
  • Student was withdrawn for behavioral reasons.
  • Student elected to leave the program.
  • Funds were set aside for an activity and the activity never happened. For example, a culinary class planned a visit to a local food supplier and the trip was cancelled.

Visit our FPCTP Scholarship Reports page for more details.