FPCTP Grants Reports

Quarterly Reports

The FPCTP grants are cost-reimbursable. The awardee will bill FCSUA quarterly, following the approved proposed budget. The reports will be submitted on the following dates:

Quarter Submission Time Period of Performance
1 October 1 – 15 July 1 to September 30
2 January 1 – 15 October 1 to December 31
3 April 1 – 15 January 1 – March 31
4 January 1 – 15 April 1 – June 30

The quarterly reports include two components: The invoice and the summary of activities. Both components are submitted to the FCSUA Community at the same time. Multiple users might need access to complete the report. Please consider this when deciding who needs FCSUA Community licenses.

Grantees will receive automatic email reminders a month before the quarterly report is due. For more details on submission dates, visit our reporting calendar.


Grantees will enter expenses in every category where expenses were inquired during the period of performance. Total costs and balances will be calculated automatically.

FCSUA recommends that approved programs assess their financial status before creating a new quarterly report; a budget modification or adjustment might be needed to ensure enough funds are available to submit the next invoice.

Upon receipt of an acceptable invoice and summary of activities approved by the FCSUA Director, the UCF Financial Affairs office shall pay the institution within (30) days after the invoice date.

UCF shall remit payment to the institution's address identified in the Grant Proposal Institutional Commitment Form or via ACH transfer.

Summary of Activities

In addition to the invoice, a summary of activities reporting on the status of activities, outputs, and short and intermediate outcomes is required.

This part of the report helps demonstrate the advance of the program towards goal completion and serves as a support to their expenses.

Every quarter, the FCSUA Community will bring forward the elements not completed in the previous quarter along with the information reported for programs to update statuses and descriptions, making it easier to complete the report.

Annual and Final Performance Reports

Both reports will include institutional information, total budget expenditures during the reporting period, and total expenditures. The report's narrative consists of a summary of activities similar to the ones submitted quarterly, and it includes:

  1. Activities implemented and requests changes in approved activities and implementation timeline if needed.
  2. A summary of evaluation activities, data, and findings during the reporting period by evaluation focus (formative, summative) and for targeted outputs and outcomes.

More details on the outline for performance reports are detailed in Appendix B – Deliverables of the Grant Agreement.

All performance reports are submitted through the FCSUA Community. For more details on submission dates, visit our reporting calendar.

Annual Performance Report

All grantees must submit an annual performance report by July 15 each year except for the final year of their grant when a final performance report will be submitted.

The period of performance will align with the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) unless it is the first year of the grant and the grant started on one of the additional starting dates allowed by the FCSUA Grant Funding Cycle. For example, if a grant begins on January 1, their first annual performance report period of performance will be January 1 – June 30.

Final Performance Report

All grantees are required to submit a final grant performance report upon conclusion of the project by September 1 or 60 days from the end of the project period. The period of performance will align with the start and end dates of the grant, including any extension of the budget period to extend the final date.