FPCTP Scholarship Reports

End-of-Term Disbursement Reports

The approved programs will comply with the request process and reporting requirements specified by the Center, including submission of end-of-term, cost of attendance estimates, student demographic, and eligibility information requested by the Center.

The end-of-term disbursement reports are due on specific dates during the terms. Approved programs will receive automatic email reminders a month before the deadline. However, the disbursement report can be completed before the due date as soon as the amount disbursed to the student is known. The due dates are:

  • Fall: December 1st
  • Spring: March 31st
  • Summer: June 30th

FPCTP scholarships work like other scholarships; the remaining funds after all program expenses are paid are disbursed to the student.

Helpful Tips

  • When completing the report, include the disbursed amount utilized to pay for program expenses and the remaining funds disbursed to the students.
  • If a student is not attending one of the terms projected in the enrollment section, do not alter the enrollment; enter $0 in the disbursement field corresponding to the term.
  • Scholarship requests will not be resubmitted after disbursement amounts are entered and the scholarship is saved.

Non-disbursed funds return

By June 30, approved programs will return to the Center any non-disbursed Scholarship funds for the most recent academic year after completing all disbursements. The FPCTPs needing to return funds will receive an automatic email reminder with the amount to be returned. Additionally, this amount can be found in the Scholarship Summary located in any Cost Estimator corresponding to the most recent academic year.

Funds may be returned to FCSUA for the following reasons:

  • The student did not make satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and was withdrawn from the IHE.
  • The student was withdrawn for behavioral reasons.
  • The student elected to leave the program.
  • Funds were set aside for an activity, but the activity never happened. For example, a culinary class planned a visit to a local food supplier, and the trip was canceled.

Funds can be returned via ACH transfer if the institution has the process set in that way with UCF, or checks can be mailed to:

University of Central Florida
Teaching Academy
4000 Central Florida Blvd.
P.O. Box 161250
Orlando, FL. 32816-1250