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Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Programs

Broward College. Seahawk NEST

Seahawk NEST Program is a 2 Year program where students receive a Broward Professional Certificate with coursework in: Education, Businessand Aviation. Courses offered on both Broward North and South campuses. The Seahawk NEST program will enroll students in Summer 2021.

Contact: Jennette Kilroy

Email: jkilroy@broward.edu

Phone: 954-201-2313

College of the Florida Keys. Project ACCESS

The mission of Project ACCESS is to support students who are seeking to continue academic, career and technical, and independent living instruction at an institution of higher education in order to prepare them for gainful employment.

Students enrolled in Project ACCESS receive an individualized, vocational and academic curriculum leading to a certificate of completion from the College, an industry certification in Customer Service and Sales through the National Retail Federation, and in many cases a College Credit Certificate. All students receive workforce readiness training that includes internships and paid employment opportunities.

Contact: Katie Norland

Email: katie.norland@cfk.edu

Phone: 305-809-3181

FPCTP Website: Project ACCESS

Florida Atlantic University. Academy for Community Inclusion

FAU Academy for Community Inclusion (ACI) is a college program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Academy students earn certificates in the areas of Supported Community Employment, Supported Community Access, and Supported Community Living.

These certificates are built on courses that lead to community based employment, independent living, and mastery of self-advocacy skills. All courses are offered face-to-face on campus. The Academy offers uniquely designed courses as well as the opportunity to take courses with other college students. Students in the Academy are able to participate in any campus activities they choose, as they are enrolled at FAU as matriculating students.

Contact: Stefanie Kenney

Email: kenneys@fau.edu

Phone: 561-799-8715

FPCTP Website: Academy for Community Inclusion

Social Media:

Florida Gulf Coast University. Soaring Eagles Academy

The Soaring Eagle Academy at Florida Gulf Coast University will host its first cohort of students in the fall 2021 semester. Resulting in the award of a credential in Community Employment, students will take a curriculum of six consecutive semesters of coursework. Instruction will be embedded that prepares each student for their specific career interest and field experiences and internships will increase in intensity and length.

This process will begin with occupational assessment and exploration during the first semester and culminate with a semester long-internship coupled with a seminar. Upon program completion, each Soaring Eagle will be prepared to contribute to their community through employment and increased independence and will have created for themselves the framework for a satisfying adult life.

Contact: Doug Carothers

Email: dcarothe@fgcu.edu

Phone: 239-590-7822

Florida International University. FIU Embrace Education

The FIU Embrace Education program is a three-year, non-degree, certificate inclusive postsecondary transition program for students ages 18-28 with intellectual disabilities (ID). The primary goal of the program is to offer a comprehensive and integrated university-based education that is inclusive and accessible and promotes competitive integrated employment and independent living in the community.

This non-degree certificate Program of Study provides access and participation in a variety of program activities through a system of supports provided by faculty, academic and social mentors, an Employment Liaison, university-based resources, and other key project personnel who work directly with students to ensure that individual and program goals are met. A certificate of completion will be issued by FIU’s Continuing Education Department upon the successful completion of all components of the program and students can earn digital credentials/badges and industry certifications in their area of specialization.

Contact: Mayte Capo

Email: mcapo@fiu.edu

Phone: (305) 348-5377

FPCTP Website: FIU Embrace - Education

Social Media:

Fort Myers Technical College, Cape Coral Technical College. HIRE

The HIRE Program is a postsecondary non-degree seeking transition program designed for students with intellectual disabilities. The HIRE Program offers a chance for you to receive hands on learning and industry certifications in the following fields; Automotive Service Technology, Digital Design, Early Childhood Education, Electronics Technology, Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technician, Professional Culinary Arts and Hospitality, and Veterinary Assisting. Graduates of the program will earn a certificate in the selected program.

Contact: Lisa de Freitas

Email: lisahd@leeschools.net

Phone: 239-334-4544

Indian River State College. Project STAGE

Project STAGE (Students Transitioning to Academics and Gainful Employment) at Indian River State College supports students with intellectual disabilities and their families. Eligible students have the opportunity to engage in a full, college experience and with the goal of becoming competitively employed at the conclusion of the two-year program. Project STAGE students participate in classes, clubs and organizations and campus events.

They develop relationships with IRSC student mentors. Participants receive academic training, job-shadowing opportunities and employment internships while developing and strengthening competencies needed for independent living, self-advocacy and self-determination, employability (skills) and gainful employment, integration and inclusion in the (College) environment, and financial planning and money management.

Contact: Mary Kendle

Email: mkendle@irsc.edu

Phone: 772-462-7015

FPCTP Website: Project STAGE

Social Media:

Lively Technical College. SOAR

The SOAR program is an inclusive, one-year certificate program offering a college experience to students identified with an intellectual disability on campus at Lively Technical College. Students will participate in general courses with non-disabled peers in one of the following certificate programs: Automotive Service Technology, Nails Specialty, Facials Specialty, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technology, Building Trades & Construction Design Technology, or Fundamental Foodservice Skills.

Special supports for students eligible for the SOAR program include mentors, career counseling, case specialists, and modified learning plans – dependent upon need. Lively Technical College partners with Vocational Rehabilitation to address employment needs such as career planning, internships (paid and un-paid), completing resumes, interview skills, and job placement (with support).

Contact: Judith Husband

Email: husbandj@leonschools.net

Phone: 850-487-7456

McFatter Technical College. Grow Your Future

The Grow Your Future Program currently provides adults with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to increase social skills, independent living skills, employability skills, and to participate in a post-secondary inclusive experience within the Culinary Arts program at McFatter Technical College. This FPCTP renewal request will allow expansion into the Automotive Collision Technology Technician program. Each CTE program curriculum is focused on earning Industry Certifications in the respected career pathway.

The goal of the Grow Your Future program is to increase students’ employability skills and join the local workforce in sustained, non-subsidized employment. With the guidance of college and District staff, students will gain increased levels of independence in targeted areas, such as reading, math, self-determination, self-advocacy, life-readiness, and employability skills.

Contact: Gloria Bailey

Email: gloria.bailey@browardschools.com

Phone: 754-321-8416

Okaloosa Technical College. Okaloosa UP

Okaloosa UP is the first post‐secondary technical education program in Okaloosa County that focuses on providing state approved career certificate training programs for persons with intellectual disabilities. Okaloosa UP students will complete their program over a two-year period to earn an Okaloosa UP certification as well as any industry certifications students are able to complete alongside their non-disabled peers.

Contact: Jon Williams

Email: williamsj2@okaloosaschools.com

Phone: 850 833 3500

Orange Technical College - Westside. Build Your Future

The purpose of the "Build Your Future" Program is to prepare students with intellectual disabilities for employment in the construction industry. At the time of enrollment, students will select a primary focus of study, electricity or welding. The student will attend classes with nondisabled peers for half of the day and the other half will be scheduled in a resource classroom where they will receive Workforce Readiness Training.

A resource specialist and career teacher will work as a collaborative team to develop an instructional plan for each student. In addition, each student will be paired with an academic mentor in their chosen program of study. The academic mentor will be hired as a Work Study Student to compensate for the additional time needed to work with their mentee. The collaborative team comprised of student, "Build Your Future" coordinator, career teacher, and mentor will follow the instructional plan to prepare the student for employment upon program completion.

Contact: Christopher Flagg

Email: christopher.flagg@ocps.net

Phone: 407-905-2000 ext. 7032278

Robert Morgan Educational Center and Technical College. Project TOPS

The mission of Project TOPS is to foster the unique abilities of students with developmental and intellectual disabilities enrolled in an inclusive postsecondary Career Technical Education (CTE) program. TOPS supports the CTE programs of: Baking & Pastry Arts, Commercial Art Technology and 3D Animation Technology.

Our ultimate goal is for each young professional to develop career technical and professional skills leading to meaningful employment and celebrate his/her individual TOPS!!!

Contact: Vivian C. Vieta

Email: vvieta@dadeschools.net

Phone: 305-253-9920

Santa Fe College. Project SAINT

In keeping with our values and goals, Santa Fe College, a comprehensive public institution of higher education serving North Central Florida and beyond, adds value to the lives of our students and enriches our community through excellence in teaching and learning, innovative educational programs and student services, and community leadership and service.


Project SAINT Brochure

Project SAINT Slides

Contact: Linda Musillo

Email: linda.mussillo@sfcollege.edu

Phone: 352-381-3818

FPCTP Website: Project SAINT

Social Media:

Sheridan Technical College. Build Your Future

The Build Your Future Program provides support to students throughout their culinary coursework. Students will receive additional assistance with acquiring and generalizing soft skills, developing Job interview competence, developing insight to their disability to support advocating for their needs throughout their lives, develop study habits that are complementary to their learning disability and that will support the student throughout their lifelong learning.


Build Your Future Flyer

Contact: Paul Askin

Email: paul.askin@browardschools.com

Phone: (754) 321-5429

Southeastern University. LINK Program

The SEU Link program provides an opportunity for students with mild intellectual disabilities to experience college in an inclusive setting. We strive to assist students with increasing their independent living, employability, and self-advocacy skills. The use of peer mentors to provide support is an integral component of the program. As part of the SEU Christian community, we also endeavor to ensure that our students believe they are fearfully and wonderfully made by their Creator.


SEU Link Brochure

SEU Link Sept/Oct Newsletter

Contact: Kelly Southmayd

Email: kssouthmayd@seu.edu

Phone: 863-667-5096

FPCTP Website: LINK Program

Social Media:

St. Petersburg College. Titans Up Program

Titans UP is to provide Titans UP students with a well-rounded, fully inclusive, modified college experience while they gain the skills needed to transition to independent adult roles and into the workplace. In preparation for living a full, productive life, students are encouraged to participate in campus activities such as clubs, organizations, sports activities, and on-campus events.

Mentors will assist them in becoming active members of the college community. For academics, students will participate in regular SPC courses with non-disabled peers. Students may take courses for credit or audit the courses depending upon recommendations.Employment needs are addressed in partnership with Vocational Rehab services, and include individual planning for employment, paid and non-paid internships, career services for resume writing, interview skills, and job placement with on-site support.


Titans UP Brochure

Contact: April Ross

Email: ross.april@spcollege.edu

Phone: 727-394-6160

FPCTP Website: Titans Up Program

Tallahassee Community College. Eagle Connections

Tallahassee Community College's Eagle Connections program follows the mission of the College and provides a course of study that includes career exploration and planning, personal development, internship and/or work experience, and social activities designed to promote gainful employment and increased independence. Students take 2 courses per semester with the goal of completing within 6 semesters, or 2-3 years to earn the TCC  Employment Credential.


Eagle Connection Brochure

Eagle Connections Curriculum Advising Sheet

Contact: Amanda Warren

Email: warrena@tcc.fl.edu

Phone: 850-201-8432

FPCTP Website: EAGLE Connections

Social Media:

University of Central Florida. Inclusive Education Services

Inclusive Education Services (IES) at the University of Central Florida offers students with intellectual disabilities an inclusive, comprehensive non-degree seeking academic experience. Our structured curriculum requires a 2-year commitment to complete their course of study. Students may choose one of three concentrations from our Professional Services’ Credential which include: Hospitality, Social Services or Education.

Students will earn a credential for completing the course of study through the Division of Continuing Education with the support of the College of Innovation and Education and Student Development and Enrollment Services.

Contact: Adam Meyer

Email: adam.meyer@ucf.edu

Phone: 407-823-4263

FPCTP Website: Inclusive Education Services

Social Media:

University of South Florida - St. Petersburg. UMatter

UMatter is an innovative inclusive postsecondary education (IPSE) program created to provide young people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to experience higher education and campus life.

Contact: L. Danielle Roberts-Dahm

Email: lroberts@usf.edu

Phone: 727-873-4654

FPCTP Website: UMatter